Sunday, 4 August 2013

Best Days of my Life!

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I am wondering how friends understand silence? How do they hear the unspoken? Does my face give away what I think or do my friends know me so much that they could put words to my feelings?

When I met them, I wondered if time freezes for friends. Whenever we meet our childhood friends, we turn into child again.

Discussing those days of togetherness and callousness... Pocket monies and piggy banks... Dutch treats and cycle rides... Tensing exams and nerving results... Fights for ranks and rivalries in competitions...

Tearful farewells and promises to keep in touch...

Friends who continued to stay... Then who left... Ah! Those days of loneliness and memories... Those times when life moved on and new ones came in...

Those many times when we still missed those friends whom we knew from times when our mommies safely pinned a hankie on our shirt and sent to school...

In a wince years would have passed. Yet when we meet those childhood friends, awkwardness would reign. But it would succumb to friendship in no time. Nostalgia would linger in the air. We start with either “You look so different” or “You look the same” comments. Then, we would agree that time has fluttered so fast... Then, with ease we would travel back to the memory lane...

Hours might pass by unnoticed. Time to say another goodbye would come. Reluctantly, we would live adorning a faint smile in our face.

Then we hear our heart say, “Those were the best days of my life

And at this moment if a genie comes in front of me persuading me to make a wish, I would say, “Please take me back to those days when I was in school. Please let me live my first 20 years again!”

Those days of happiness... childishness... when passing the exams was the only worry... when getting a rank was the only dream...

Those beautiful days when the travels were planned by our parents/elders... when we could rest on mommy’s lap anytime we wish for; the most comfortable cushion!

Those days when winning someone’s heart was the only aim... when his/her smile was most satisfying bonus...

Ah! Those sweet days when there were so many reasons to feel happy... After all, those were the best days of my (anyone’s) life!

Those days of childhood and adolescence!

PS: A beautiful Saturday it was! I met loads of friends... And here I am feeling nostalgic at this time of night... And it’s friendship’s day today.

I dedicate this post to all those friends who came and went... Who came and never left! I promise to myself that I will keep in touch with my friends. Hey!  I miss you all... Missing those awesome days of togetherness...


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  1. Every adult wishes for the same thing that is to go back and be a child again .. Awesome post.. All the Best for BAT ..

    My Attempt - Vikas Khair - Wishes

    1. Thanks Vikas for your wonderful comments :)

  2. It is said, The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had.

    well written.

    1. I agree too princess...
      But rare to have one like that..

      Thanks :)

  3. Yeh kaagaz ki kashti, yeh baarish ka paani..A universal dream to get back the childhood. Well brought out.

  4. Firstly I was also once actively a part of blog-a-ton. The name brought back lovely memories. And yes we all have to cherish these memories and perhaps play catch up on friendship days like these to rekindle the happiness..

    I was thinking of discussing our posts on blogadda wow thread. game for it?


    1. Hey Richa...
      Thanks for your wonderful comments...

      And I am in!

  5. Great write up Satya, we all wish for the same, friends always make the best part of our lives...thoroughly enjoyed it... :)

  6. friends are forever,nice article

  7. We all wish for the same,Satya.... Very beautifully penned!! ATB for BAT!