About Locomente

Hello reader…
Ok, first things first.
I always wanted to mark my footprints and own a tiny space in the vast area of blogosphere. But, I kept delaying it because I could not come out with a suitable name! I thought and thought. I thought further. But, what I came up with was either normal or already taken.

One day, I was feeling very bored. So, decided to just google and search for something. That thought per se sounded crazy to me. So, I searched how Crazy Mind can be translated into French, Japanese, Italian and even Bengali. Yet, when I saw the Spanish translation, I knew that this was it!

I named my blog as LOCOMENTE…
A conglomeration of two Spanish words:
Loco – Crazy
Mente – Mind

My blog was born.
I became a blogger!!
I am feeling so proud
(Though a long way to go!! After all… Miles to go before I sleep, as Robert Frost poetically remarked)


  1. Very pleased to make ur acquaintance Locomente:-))!!!!

  2. Hey Crazy Mind. Thanks for dropping by. Great Blog!

  3. A great way to find your blogging identity. :)

  4. interesting how you named ur blog :)

  5. Thank you for stopping by:) Just about to explore your blog:)

  6. Hey,, I just wanted to thank you for the creative blogger award. I finally answered all the questions including a poem for you. Check it out on my blog-A Full Cup of Tea.

    1. Thanks a lot...
      Such a pleasure it was!