I am

The Mente Maestra aka the Mastermind behind this Locomente aka Crazy mind is..... 

Actually.... I have a very long name, (Academically... Recordically... Oh… Whatever!!!)
It has 19 alphabets adorning and glorifying it further.
But, i don't want to get into that.

But, who am I?
I am a normal girl with not-so-normal take on everything that makes life.
I am my father's pet and mother's love.
Besides, friends and family make me feel like a Princess. 
(Nope... Not awaiting the Prince though!)
And, I am a Chartered Accountant by profession 

My passion?
My heart lies in teaching and writing. I am crazy (Obsessed rather!) about writing. I write voraciously and I find blogging to feed my hunger. (But hey!! I don’t sit back to check if I make any sense at all.) 

My pass-time? (Or is it full-time?!)
I am a thinker. (That may be because I am a loner.)
And I think like a crazy!!! (Oh.. That is what I think!!)
Or is it because I am a dreamer? (Oh yes, I do sleep a lot!!)
I am a movie-buff (Most preferably and understandably Indian movies) always expect loads and loads of drama... masala coupled with unexpected twists in life. (With regular colorful and foot-tapping songs to make it more interesting. I may write in English. But, my crazy little dil hai hindustani.) 

Is that all?
Nah... I am not that boring!
Read through my blog and travel along the lanes of my crazy thoughts.
That is the best way of knowing me!

But, what you can expect from Locomente - the blog?
Well, it talks about everything about which it strongly believes in and is passionate about. More than that, it tries to speak its heart and thoughts, rather loudly; yet virtually.


  1. thats a very interesting info also the bg colour of ur blog is really soothing to eyes :)

  2. Hi Satya,
    Having just released by debut fiction book Just Kidding...Yours, Destiny, i was hoping that you would review my book.

    The implied essence of the book is about making choices, their consequences and the role of destiny. The uniqueness of the book lies in the content & the writing style, both slightly uncommon. It is being sold on all major e-com channels including Amazon and Flipkart. Relevant links are as follows

    1. Website - www.anirban-das.com
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    3. FB page - https://www.facebook.com/authoranirbandas

    Could you email me your address details so that i could courier across an author copy for the review ?

    Look forward to a reply,

    Thanks & regards,

    Anirban Das
    email - x12anirban@iimahd.ernet.in
    Mobile - 9930674251

    1. Hi Anirban,

      First of all, congratulations for your first book!
      I have to admit right away that the cover-page and the book burp sounds really interesting.
      It is my pleasure to review the book.

      And I received your mail and have replied to the same.

      All the best with your book! :)

  3. nicely written about me page.actually i really liked your blogger template.btw this template,yu made t urself or downloaded from somewhere? it's simple and pleasing...

    1. This is just one of the templates available in blogspot... and set to make it the way I want... The dolls are taken from outside sources though...

      Thanks Nikhi :)

  4. As I told you once that what you write is very less compared to what what you can. You are like an ocean with many things in it innumerable, infinite, I think this blog is just a way to quench your thirst. There's lot more to come from you.
    And about the name, I don't know who gave you the name but your middle name you share with my mother.

    1. Aha! I did not know that...
      Thanks for the comment Sourav :)

  5. interesting introduction.. :)
    and you have an awesome blog!

    1. Thanks a lot... Glad that you liked it :)

  6. Awesome blog...
    First I was thinking why the name "locomente" was chosen. You explained very well and I like it.
    Introduction is interesting...

    I emailed you on your given email id. Please reply. (sandeepjatwa@gmail.com)