Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 20

Mind    : Why are you so silent now?
Heart  : Because you don’t want to hear me talk. You always get irritated.
Mind    : I don’t deny. But, you can’t stop talking.
Heart  : If I talk you say, “Keep quiet”. If I am silent you say, “Why don’t you talk”. Tell me what I should do?
Mind    : I asked you to talk. Not blame or whine.
Heart  : See, you are irritated already. You never try to understand me.
Mind    : Uffo! Can you SHUT UP!

Monday, 20 April 2015

O Kadhal Kanmani

Dulquer Salman, Nithya Menen
Prakash Raj, Leela Samson
Mani Ratnam
AR Rahman
Madras Talkies
Release Date
April 17, 2015
2 Hours & 19 Minutes

My Thoughts
Is marriage the only means for belongingness and togetherness? Is it the only option to shoo off insecurity and foresee a future? Is marriage certificate more powerful than moments you share and happiness you experience? Isn't love enough? OK Kanmani puts across these poignant questions poetically onscreen with cute dialogs and some memorable scenes.

Ace director Mani Ratnam is back to his comfort zone – relationships. The dialogs are fresh and young; so are the situations. PC Sreeram’s cinematography lets us taste Mumbai in all its seasons. It makes the movie younger and colorful.

AR Rahman’s background music is beyond okay. It blends with the situations and speaks on behalf of the characters. Mental Mandhil makes us hum and smile. Maula Wa Salim sung by AR Rahman’s son is appropriately placed. Naane Varuvgiren and Theera Ula is perfect. When KS Chitra sings Malargal Ketten, silence and serenity enwraps, thereby, rekindling the love for Carnatic music.

Dulquer as Aadi is easy-going, fun and career-oriented. He dreams of becoming rich and successful. He is the voice of today’s generation. He is like that boy whom you know already, who your friend loves or may be, yourself! Dulquer fits into the shoes though not as effortlessly as Karthik did in Mouna Ragam or Madhavan did in Alaipayuthe or Siddharth in Aaytha Aezhuthu.

Nithya Menen as Tara is career-oriented with a bitter childhood and strong opinions. Tara’s character carries several layers of emotions. Her transition as a character, her fears and insecurities is outstandingly portrayed by Nithya Menen. Her eyes even communicates the vacuum she feels. Her cute smile emanates the feel that only first love can spread. She is the apple of the eye as far as OK Kanmani is concerned.

Further, Prakash Raj as serious Ganapathi uncle has underplayed and looks just normal. However, debutant Leela Samson as Alzheimer’s patient Bhavani Aunty is a sure show-stealer. Her witty one-liners, voice modulation and at-ease body language make us wish that the movie was more about Ganapathi uncle and Bhavani aunty than Aadi and Tara. They convey that love is like wine; gets better with time.

While local trains, buses and charm reminds of Alaipayuthe, Aadi and Tara as characters resemble Arjun (Siddharth) and Meera (Trisha) from Aaytha Aezhuthu. Paradhu Sellava is pops up out of nowhere and makes the audience feel bored. Ganapathi uncle’s apartments reminds of Bombay and Prakash Raj looks similar to how he looked in Iruvar set.

In short…
The climax is clichéd and the movie is wrapped up hastily. Is marriage the only solution for togetherness? What can a marriage certificate do that love cannot? If marriage is the aim, why fall in love, live-in and shock the older generation?

OK Kanmani is more than ok as a package; perfect entertainer. And just ok as far as the clichés are ending is concerned....


PS: The movie is given a U/A certificate because the plot is that of live-in relationship. Are you serious? I have not seen any movie in recent times that deals such a storyline and yet has never breached the thin line of vulgarity and uneasy scenes. The movie is so beautifully taken that you can watch with your little child or grandparents!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Not-So-Smart to Smart

They   : Where the hell are you? Why is your phone switched off?
Me     : What? It was not!
I check my phone and realize that it is hung for life!
They   : Are you not in WhatsApp? Are you being anti-social? Or what they call? Net De-addiction?
Me     : Of course. I am very much in WhatsApp
They   : Then, have you blocked me?
Me     : Nope. Why would I? Am I mad?
They   : Because I had shared fiancé’s picture and didn’t care to reply
I realize that my so-called smartphone is not detecting internet range anymore!
They   : You don’t attend when I call. Now, why are you calling me back?
Me     : Because my phone was hung and didn’t allow me to take the call L
They   : Now want happned?
Me     : I was charging my phone. So could not hear it ringing or see the messages.
They   : Sigh!

Okay! Nobody enjoys this. I know. Even I don’t. But, life is not never like how you want it to be. Life has a mind of its own and plans everything for you. When I paid a bomb and bought the smartphone a year before, I felt the happiest alive. Dual SIM, 8 megapixel camera, android operating system and so many other technical facts made me feel grand. I knew that I am in love with my phone and need anything more in life. I installed applications and kept my fingers crossed for a happily ever after.

Remember, life has a mind of its own?

The grand phone was a traitor. It never delivered what it promised. Before my EMI got over, I knew that my love for my phone is over. I hated it.

For the past several days, I have been in a lookout for a new phone. But, I was terrified to take another chance; another risk. But, today morning when I read…

“ASUS ZenFone 2 is world’s 1st smartphone with 4 GB RAM. The device supports ASUS-exclusive technology that charges devices much faster than traditional speeds. With ZenFone 2, this means your battery is juiced up to 60% in no more than 39 minutes. See what others can’t see with the ASUS Zenfone 2 PixelMaster camera that captures stunning, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag. The industry-leading Low Light mode employs pixel-merging technology to capture up to 400% brighter photos at night, or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. Building on the success of ZenFone and leveraging a quarter-century of engineering accomplishments, the highly-anticipated ZenFone 2 provides a wealth of exciting new features and a refined ASUS ZenUI experience to deliver a new level of empowering luxury to everyone.”

… I was in cloud nine! I knew I will get what I lack now… what I yearn for now…
ü  Longer battery life
ü  Better camera
ü  Faster and better
Alright, I don’t have much time… Its mobile shopping time…
Bubbye :P

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Pari

"Pari, shall we go to beach today”, asked my mama with a faint smile.

I was excited because I was seeing my mother smile after a long time. Since my dad disappeared, she has been in tears only.

“Mamma, I want to see papa”, I used to cry day and night. Every evening, I used to stand in front of our door awaiting his arrival. But, he never came.

“Did papa leave us because of Mili aunty?” I asked one day because my friend Tina had overheard her parent’s conversation and shared with me. Papa is a photographer and he had shown Mili aunty’s photographs to me. I have always liked her. She looks like movie star although she is only an aspiring model.

That night my mama didn’t eat or sleep. She cried until she fainted. I cried too; because I didn’t know what else to do. I hoped that my mother would wake up soon and give me food. But, she laid there. When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital. I was terrified and found mama sitting beside me. I felt better.

Since that incident, mama had stopped crying. Strangely, she stopped sending me to school too. I missed my school and Tina.

So, when mama asked if we can go to beach, I was excited.

We took an auto to the beach and walked along the sad. Mama let me make sand castles. I had just learnt the spelling of mama and papa’s name. I wrote them on sand. But, the waves took them with it.

“Come Pari, let’s go to the waves and ask it to return those names”, said mama cheerfully. I was excited to step into the sea. I was not scared at all because mama was holding my hands.

She took me into the sea; farther and farther. I started feeling nauseous and clutched to my mama’s hands tighter. I started crying and begged mama to go back to the shore. But, she held me in her arms and continued to walk. I tried to look at her face; it was strangely serene. Water started getting into my ears, nose and mouth. I kept my eyes shut and clutched at my mama’s neck.

Slowly, it became difficult to breathe. Mama could not hold me anymore and I was floating in middle of sea. I was crying. But, those tears went unnoticed. I wished papa came and rescued us. I wished that it was a dream. I wanted to meet Tina and tell her that she is my best friend. I wanted to see my papa and ask why he didn’t come to see me for so many days. I wanted to grow up and become a model so that papa would shoot my photos. I wanted to breathe, but it stopped.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

And I Followed My Dreams...

Your performance rating is 4”, declared the manager. For the second consecutive year, I was rated with a four – inconsistent performer. I desperately fought to hold back my tears. I didn’t want to cry in front of my manager. My peers had been promoted last year and I was still in the same designation. An enviable Chartered Account degree was my professional identity. Family was proud and friends were happy. Some were even jealous. But in office, I was seen as an under performer. I was an under achiever who lacks focus and purpose.

“You lack determination and confidence. Sometimes you get so lost in thoughts that you forget the reality. You don’t try to give your best and you look lost. Don’t take me wrong. These are not my feedback. This is was your colleagues had shared about you. You have to understand that auditing is a dynamic field. Qualification is a pre-requisite to enter the league. But, after that it is your skill and performance. I am not saying that you lack knowledge or skillset. But, you certainly lack focus and consistency. Most of the times, you are in your own world. Tell me, don’t you want to climb up the ladder? Make money? Settle down? I am concerned about you. I recruited you and I don’t want you to be tagged as an underperformer and be thrown out. I want to know what your problem is. Speak up”, my manager insisted.

I continued to stare at him. I always wanted to be a Chartered Accountant. I cleared all the exams on my first attempt. Simultaneously I also obtained the certification on information and systems audit. I have always been appreciated for my depth of knowledge.

“I have given you a two rating in the year you joined. For a fresher to get such a good rating is a rarity and we all had so much faith in you”, my manager continued. He was trying to make me speak. Two rating is given to those who exceeds expecations. I exceeded expectations in the first two years. In the third, I got three – meets expectations and now for the last two years my rating is four.

I was unhappy. I didn’t want to do what I was doing. I felt incomplete. I wanted to tell my manager that I don’t care if a company has supporting voucher for every penny spent… if all the sales is supported by a purchase order… statutory dues are paid on time… direct balance confirmation is obtained from bank or not… I didn’t care. Nothing mattered. I didn’t care. I wanted to tell him that I hated my job.

“Sir, I am quitting”, I said with a strange determination.

“No, you can’t accept failure and quit. You have to face it, take life as a challenge, risks and evolve”, my manager tried to reason.

“Exactly sir. I don’t want to quit my desire to become a writer or accept my failure take risks in life. I want to write sir. I am unhappy here. My unhappiness is so contagious that it is making you, my family and friends equally unhappy”, I said.

“I my old boy after three years. I am sure that you mean what you say. All the best! But, remember that you have to formally send your resignation letter and serve 60 days’ notice period”, my manager said.

I smiled in response. Life looked greener and better. After three years, I finally took that one step which had been due for a long time!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

I Know You Will Be There For Me

I know you will be there for me
In my happiness and distress.
But, I want you now
To balm my loneliness.

I know you will take care of me
When I am old and fragile.
But, I want you now
To celebrate life and much more.

I know you love me; care for me
And that it shall remain unchanged.
But, I want you now;
Here with me – to smile and hug!

Saturday, 4 April 2015


உறவைத் தேடி அலைந்தேன்
உரியவனைக் கண்டதும்
உயிரைக் கொடுக்க துணிந்தேன்

 “உற்றவள் நீ அல்ல”, என்று சொன்னாய்
உறவே இல்லையேனும் உறவாட தீர்மானித்தேன்!

(I don’t know if I have done fair justice while translating)

I was searching for love
When I found it
I decided to give my life

“I don’t love you”, you said

So, I decided to love you always; although unrequited!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Oru Vadakkan Selfie

Nivin Pauly, Aju Varghese
Manjima Mohan,Vineeth Sreenivasan, Neeraj Madhav
G. Prajith
Shaan Rahman
Vinod Shornur
Release Date
March 27, 2015
2 Hours & 22 Minutes

My Thoughts
Oru Vadakkan Selfie looks at the new generation who is tech savvy and social media obsessed. It also humorously puts across their mindset, their confusions, frustrations, uncertainty, immaturity and all that.

Umesh (Nivin Pauly) hates studies and has 42 supple  papers to his credit. He has a wavering mind and lacks drive. Shaji (Aju Varghese) is equally confused and spends his time in a men’s garment showroom. He is a good friend of Umesh and sticks to him in thick and thin; both mutually and forcefully. Thannkaprasad (Neeraj Madhav) is a bus driver with only one goal in life – to marry a rick girl!

The screenplay flows with ease, story is different and dialogs are real. All the actors have done a great job by being natural which makes them believable. Aju’s comical timing and Neeraj’s dialog delivery is superb. Nivin shines with his subtlety and simple expressions. His casual mannerisms are commendable. Manjima Mohan as Daisy has played her part well. Vineeth Sreenivasan brings some interesting twists to the movie.

Music is by Shaan Rahman and I have to tell you that he has done a decent job. The famous Enne Thallendammaava song is well-placed in the movie, background blends with the situations and the choreography in Neelambalin is mesmerizing.

I loved the climax (Which I am not going to reveal). I am so happy for the director, writer, producer and everyone possible for breaking the cliché and doing only what must be done!

The movie has several laughable moments and dialogs. They will follow you even long after the movie is over. They also make you laugh over and over.

In short, Oru Vadakkan Selifie is different, enjoyable, laughable and also relevant.
Don’t miss it! Else, you might regret J  


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Simple and Small

Simplicity is all needed…
Retaining the original design…
And, striving towards perfection is all needed!

PS: Because many people asked me what a Kolam is…
Kolam refers to intricate patterns drawn both free handedly and by joining dots. These can be widely seen in the Southern part of India. Women draw this early morning, preferably before Sunrise after cleaning the courtyard. Earlier rice powder was used – it was a means to feed ants and small insects. However, these days, stone powder and even chalk is used. If such powders are used, it is called Pudi Kolam. Sometimes, brick powder will be used as outline on auspicious days, Tuesdays and Fridays. If rice powder is mixed in water and similar patterns are drawn, it is called Maavu/Maa Kolam. In West Bengal, it is called Alpona. In North India, people used rice/stone powders for the outline and fill the patterns with colors. This is called Rangoli.

It is believed that Kolam brings prosperity. It is drawn for almost all the auspicious occasions like marriages and festivals. When someone dies in the household, the family don’t draw any kolam for a year.  

Children in small towns learn the art of making kolam at a very young age. In fact, a girl who knows to draw impeccable and intricate kolam is a pride for the entire family and the village she stays. However, owing to modernization, city life and apartment culture, this art is soon dying.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Their Smile...

“Amma, I am not coming home this weekend”, I told my mother over the call.

“But why?” my father’s question came quicker than expected.

“Because my tickets are not confirmed”, I said.

“Dear, you said you have tickets. I thought you would come tomorrow. Amma was all set to make your favorite vegetable pulav and I was planning to buy rasagulla for you”, my father said sounding dejected.

“Appa, I still have tickets. But, it is still in Waiting List. I had booked 60 days in advance and what else can I do? Tell me”, I said.

“Okay”, my father’s replied.

“Amma, what is this? If ticket is not confirmed, what will I do? I know that you were excited that I am coming home. But, this is not under my control”, I went on blabbering for the next ten minutes.

I was equally excited to go home. Work had been crazily hectic and I could not go home for the past two consecutive months. I had been cancelling my confirm tickets and now, when I desperately want to go home, my ticket is not getting confirmed. Even my vacation was planned and leave was approved.

“Bye amma. Appa”, I said and disconnected. If my mother kills me with her silence my dad does the same with words.

I cursed my job, manager, myself and the entire universe for conspiring against my wish – a simple wish to go home. Images of my mother cutting beans and carrot for the pulav, father dusting the house and ensuring that it looks perfect and their smile when they open the door when they receive me made my heart cry. Tears welled and I felt empty. I also thought about the suitcase which is stuffed with some souvenirs picked from my business travel to Europe. I had also bought a sari for my mother, her birthday was only a month away! And, the following week, I was travelling to Singapore to attend business meetings. And sadly, there was no airport to my hometown.

I had taken permission from my manager to leave early because I had to catch the train. My house is as less twelve hours away and still I was finding it difficult to meet them.  “A mere twelve hours”, repeated a voice in the back of my head.

I left my office as planned, collected my baggage and left to the station. I bought a general ticket and squeezed into the crowd. My Tommy Hilfiger suitcase looked a little out of place and my Fossil watch looked flashy. But, I didn’t mind. I smiled at my co-passengers and managed to get a seat near the window.

I closed my eyes and soon several childhood memories started to envelop around me. My back became stiff and legs started aching. “Soon you will be home”, I constantly reminded myself and continued to day-dream until I dozed off.

As I reached home in the morning, my father and mother came rushing towards me. They didn’t know that I was coming, so their eyes reflected both surprise and shock. They hugged me tight. Soon, my back ache and sore legs vanished. We all walked into house hand in hand.

“Didn’t I tell you that our molu was telling lies. She was trying to surprise us”, my father said.

My mother happily announced that rasagulla will be served with breakfast along with my favorite puttu and kadala. I felt glad that I took the train and decided to go through the struggle. Else, I would have shattered my parents hope and optimism.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Yevade Subramanyam

Nani, Malavika Nair
Vijay Deverakonda, Ritu Varma
Nag Ashwin
Illayaaraja (Challa gali song)
Priyanka Dutt
Release Date
March 20, 2015

My Thoughts
Subramanyam aka Subbu enacted by Nani is goal oriented. He is a child prodigy, focused, wants to climb up the corporate ladder fast and does almost everything to reach his goal faster. Nasser, his boss is shrewd and so is his daughter Ria (Ritu Varma). They care about status and money only. Subbu is no different and soon, he is offered with the CEO position in Nasser’s company and is also engaged with Ria.

Rishi played by Vijay Deverakonda cares about life and living it to fullest; not money. He believes in helping people, bringing some changes to the society in which he lives and also enjoy each moment as if there is no tomorrow.

Anandi portrayed by newcomer Malavika Nair is impulsive and cheerful. She likes to enjoy simple things that life offers and at the same time craves for companionship, having lost her parents in an accident.

Yevede Subramanyam is all about what happens when these three characters come closer. Subbu and Rishi are childhood friends who meet up after a decade. Their difference in mindset and character is more evident. They are a contrast to each other. Rishi’s only goal in life is visiting Dhoodh Kashi in Mount Everest, all Subbu wants is money, power and status, Anandi craves for camaraderie. When Subbu and Anandi are forced to take up the trip to Dhoodh Kashi without Rishi, it also becomes a journey of introspection and self-realization for Subbu.

The screenplay flows with ease and dialogs are brilliantly apt. Cinematographer has presented the movie with a fresh and young feel. The breathtaking views of Mount Everest is so commendably captured that it often brings Goosebumps. Radhan’s songs are catchy and well-choreographed. His background score is equally good. However, it is Maestro Illayaraja’s Challa Galli song (based on his Thendral Vandhu Theendumbodhu song from Avatharam movies – released in 1995) that lingers in our hearts. It is wonderfully sung and the choreography makes us want to fall in love with everything around and within.

I have to also mention the boy who has portrayed the child version of Rishi. He is naughty and charming. His mannerisms and body language conveys so much. I loved his careless attitude and caring demeanor. He played his part so effortlessly that he looked real!

The movie asks us to live our lives today and fulfill our dreams now. It emphasizes on the uncertainty element that life carries and requests to stop being greedy for money, money as well as status. It also reiterates the importance of love, relationship and friendship in life.

This is a once in the lifetime movie – a rare gem. It carries Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani kind of charm. It makes you smile, cry and also leaves you spellbound.

It is an experience, don’t miss it!


Monday, 30 March 2015

Arjun: Without A Doubt

Details of the Book
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd
Pages: 306 pages

From the book blurb
I knew there was nothing poetic about death. I knew not that the most horrific battles are fought off the battlefield.

Arjun: The idealist in a non-ideal world; the warrior whose deadliest opponent was his conscience. History forgot his voice, but misquoted his silence.

My self-esteem originates from me and ends in me. Why does your honor depend on me?

Find your own Draupadi: The untamed tigress, the fragrant flame, the unbridled spirit.

Power does not justify sin. Power is not virtue. Virtue is that which lasts in spite of power.

Krishn: The enigma whose unique ideology churned the battlefield into a quest for Truth. The Missile …The Trajectory … The Vision. The trio that makes for the core of The Mahabharata (Indian Epic). This is their saga. Insightful, visceral and candid.

Dr. Shinde Sweety holds a Doctorate in Medicine. She is an avid Mahabharata fan, voracious reader, yoga enthusiast, student of Spanish and yearns to learn Sanskrit. Personally, Dr Shinde Sweety is skilled at pencil sketching, loves to daydream and swim. She is curious about the Mystic & Mystique, crazy about soulful music and content to be cocooned in a dream world.

Arjun – A matchless warrior… whose emotions are less talked about… whose life is less discussed.

Draupadi – Famous for all wrong reasons… who emerged from the fire to be used as a weapon to destroy King Draupad’s enemies -  the reason for the great war.

What I think
The book’s title is Arjun – promising to put across the thoughts and life of a great warrior prince, Arjun. Arjun is the third amongst the Pandava brothers. The cover page is vibrant and beautiful. The blue background, blue lotus and the peacock feather says it all! The book blurb further describes what can be expected from the book.

Dr Shinde Sweety’s writes Mahabharata from Arjun’s angle. This book is about him and his life. The narrative is simple and flows easily. Both Arjun and Draupadi give their first person narrative which is segregated into different parts. Such switch between narrations is well-handled and never confuses the readers.  Lord Krishn appears as alluring, enigmatic and charming as ever. He is the main player in Mahabharata who leads everyone towards the fate and also guides during the Great War.

Indian mythology and great epics like Ramayana as well as Mahabharata is like the mighty ocean. It is deep and vast. It gives an illusion that we have seen it in entirety. However, human eyes can never see where it really ends or travel enough to reach the end. Indian mythology is also a storehouse of information and knowledge.

There is smoothing magical about Mahabharata. It is so vast and brilliant that it paves way to more combinations of interpretations and perspectives. It is like a kaleidoscope, given different pattern every time.

Should you read it?
Don’t miss this book.
It adds a new dimension to what we already know!


Thank you
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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Cutie-Sweetie Squirrel

When a little squirrel rested in our tiled roof…
We were awed by its style… It’s poise…

No wonder Lord Rama loved it and stroked gently over its body…
No wonder I had to rush for my camera and capture it…

Thanks cutie-sweetie for posing!!! J

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Details of the Book
Publisher : Jaico
ISBN 8184956568 (ISBN13: 9788184956566)
Pages: 244 pages


From the book blurb
The mysterious Badi Sarkar wants her son to become the Prime Minister of India. Her reticent son Chhote Sarkar wants to eat ice-cream. Great Leader wants his Orchid party to win the elections. He also wants a wand that works. The horny Baba Neemacharya wants to do the neem-yoga with Girl 45. Impulsive billionaire industrialist Giani Seth wants to beat Chaddha in Candy Crush. Honest Ambika Madam wants to retire in peace. Volatile BB wants to send all corrupt politicians to jail. Babli wants to lose weight.

But what is the PM doing in a cave in the Himalayas?!

Democrazy is a satirical look at the madness and brouhaha in present-day India, where nothing is what it seems to be, power is all-important, and everything people do is to win the race to power.

PS: No politicians were hurt in the writing of this book.

Atulya Mahajan is an Indian author and is the creator of the Indian satire blog Professionally a technologist in an investment bank, Atulya Mahajan went to the US in 2004 to complete his Master's degree. He worked there for five years and then returned to India. He started his blog while studying in the US and used it as a platform to share his experiences of people living in a foreign land. Besides this blog, Mahajan also works with the Crest Edition of The Times of India as a columnist and writes occasional humor.

The book blurb frees me from the job of describing the characters in the book! All I can say is, that they are close to reality and often reminds us of someone or the other!

What I think
To begin with the name is crazily catchy. When S is replaced by Z, “democracy” becomes “democrazy”, showcasing the craziness around Indian democratic system and politic regime! The title will surely grab any reader’s attention. The sky blue of the book cover subtly refers to India and the interesting cover page adds to the curiosity. Further, the book blurb is concise and at the same time, gives a heads-up on what is inside. The post script – “No politicians were hurt in the writing of this book” – will surely make you laugh and hints on what can be expected!

As promised, the book is a satirical look at Indian democratic/political system. I have to tell you that the book is released at the right time, when the recent political circus is still etched in the memory of millions.

The narrative is simple and gripping. There is not a single dull moment. Each character is well-established and enjoys equal importance. Each chapter begin with tweets and I loved that idea! This makes the book seem more real and relatable.

I should also applaud the author for the creativity that has gone into giving certain names like Buddhiman Buddhiraja aka BB… the news channel in which he works is Bow Wow… The self-proclaimed Godman is Neemacharya and so on!

In short, the book is hopelessly real and makes you uncontrollably laugh. Bravo author, for handling such a controversial yet ever-green topic. Corruption, bribery, political parties and politician who wants their family to take over, sudden boom of news channels, freedom of speech, social networking sites and its impact at an individual and national level is nicely touch based upon. I am also glad that he ventured into a new genre in comparison with his debut book – Amreekandesi - Masters of America!

The plot is predicting and the book’s ending is equally expected. No blame on the author though. The plot is so close to reality that we already know what will happen!

Should you read it?
If you follow politics, yes.
If you don’t follow politics and is restricted to only voting, yes.
If you only make fun of politics, yes.
If you have given up on democracy, yes!


Thank you
Thanks to the author for directly contacting me and requesting me to review his book. I felt great because I was getting the request from an author who had penned of my favorites – Amreekandesi - Masters of America J