Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ouch!!! It hurts...

Sometimes it hurts
When loved ones hurt
We stand helpless
When they act selfish

We search for a clue
And try to figure what went wrong
We hope desperately
Await those old days to return

Hoping for the best to happen
Wondering how worst things could ever happen
Reliving those old magical days
Recalling those lovely days

Nights elongate
Seasons change
But the love never fades
Though the pain remains

Dear Sunlight
Please don’t hurt
I have seen love in your eyes
I know it never once lied

I don’t know what to say
I am searching for you, are you there?
You may have moved on
Share the secret so that I too can carry on

Friday, 29 June 2012


It was a moment of serendipity
Hundreds of violins played in unity
I could feel the intensity
Scampering towards me at a huge velocity

What hit me was a puzzle
I tried hard to solve the riddle
I did not give up the struggle
My eyes never lost the twinkle

I hoped to keep my emotions neutral
I strived hard not to feel mutual
The fight within was not casual
I knew that I was not feeling as usual

Eventually, it became clear as crystal
I understood I was feeling something special
Reciprocating it seemed essential
I was gleaming for it was clear as crystal

As a part of prompt given by One Single Impression

Thursday, 28 June 2012


“Only I can do that”
He yells to the World at the pitch of voice
The peak of arrogance

“I can also do”
He says to the World with conviction
The streak of confidence

Thin line separate
Arrogance and confidence
So better be cautious

Saguni - சகுனி

Debutant director Shankar Dhayal’s “Saguni” is a story about Kamalakannan alias Kamal (Karthi) coming to Chennai to rescue his ancestral property from Government acquisition. The rest of the story deals with varied situations that he faces in the course of attaining his goal. Rather whether he achieves his goal at all!

Kamal meets Rajini alias Appadhurai, brilliantly played by Santhanam. Their chemistry and timing is impeccable. The duo steals the show and proves that they have a long way to go as a combo.

Of course there is a Sree Devi played by a new comer, Pranitha. She is used more for ornamentation. She is the usual beauty who falls for all-brains hero and breaks up by blindly following what mother says.

The movie is backed with a brilliant cast who portray their limited role commendably.

Radhika Sharathkumar steals our hearts. Her transition from a ruthless money lender to a respectable politician is well showcased.

I really think that Prakashraj has to go for other shades of roles. He dazzles as a filthy politician, but nothing new or promising from the role; for both the actor and the audiences.

Kiran is a surprise. So are my favorites – Anushka and Andrea. Roja comes for a short while, yet stands in heart.

Nasser is awesome. He gleams in his role. He is a seasoned actor and that can be easily seen in his acting.

But who is the show stealer?
Karthi, of course! His comic sense… Those scenes where he tries to impress his love… And that glint in his eyes whenever he draws a plan for the downfall of Prakashraj… It is evident that he will reach places in no time!

No one else?
There is a much bigger show stealer – Santhanam. He is getting better and better like a bottle of wine. His voice modulation… Body language… Dialog delivery and the chemistry he shares with Karthi make him the uncrowned mass-entertainer.

Who said the movie is impeccable?
Music is by G V Prakash Kumar. None of the songs stays. All are random and hardly catchy. There are a few loopholes in the foundation of the script per se.

But why I liked the film?
Though the movie is the game of dirty politics, murder… Death… Heroic fights and high pitch shrills are not there. Thank God! It flows easily. The narrative is so swift that audiences get no time to sit back and dwell into the loose ends. I loved the dialogs. There are quite a few appealing ones – “busy city… pasi citizens”

So Locomente says…
Go for it…
An assured mass entertainment…
Rajini, Kamal, Sreedevi combo always rocks!!
Never disappoints!!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Summer Solstice

Scintillating Sun
Gifting precious beads of sweat
Its summer Solstice

Its summer Solstice
Neither dewdrops nor rainbows
Fierce Sun spreading tan

As a part of Tackle It Tuesday


I tasted failure
They extended their support
I worked harder

Success wagged tails
Their support well rewarded
I became the happiest

Without their support
Success would have been a dream
Rather distant dream

As a part of Haiku Challenge

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Thank you – A 75,000 times!!!

The drive to write
Coupled with thirst for words
Wavering mind
Flowing thoughts
Slowly, obsession to observe followed
Desire to express in words reigned
Eventually, pondered for my flair
What followed was pretty fair
Some crazy
Some messy
Plethora of poetry
Few crafty
And a few story
Thus my baby blog was born
Now taking valiant yet tiny steps
Towards winning hearts
Towards making me proud
She is 245 days old today
And she has gathered 75,000 page views
So… here I am to say
THANK YOU – A 75,000 TIMES!!!!

Yay!!! Its platinum jubilee celebration time… I am so happy. Celebration time always tickles me. I giggle like a teenager and dream of dancing like a peacock.

I wish to jump up and reach out to the sky. I never thought I could write regularly. My baby blog taught me to observe, think and capture. It made me think differently and write habitually.

The blog made me explore into a new foray – Haiku. Thanks to a blog friend, Valli. Her blogs introduced me to the World of Haiku. Initially, I didn’t understand the concept. I erred. Then, like a little tot, I learnt from my mistakes.

I have to thank my little brother, Vijay. He used to ruthlessly slaughter me whenever I commit spelling mistakes callously. His criticism would scare me. So I used to read and re-read my blog posts ensuring spelling mistakes are minimal, if not eliminated in total.

There was a time when I used to keep my fingers crossed expecting “Locomente” to appear in Google search. Now, my blog is ranked among the best Indian blogs of the year 2011-2012.

The growth has been phenomenal and I feel like a proud parent. A child is not only influenced by its parents but by its surroundings also. So, I am here to thank my stars – my readers.

Oops! But, I don’t know how to thank my patient and encouraging readers. A “thank you” would be too formal and too minimal. They are helping me to grow. They are supporting me and making me write more.

So here I vow to write more…
More regularly
Hopefully interestingly

And now the Locomente wishes to say…
Thank you – a 75,000 times!!!

Stranger became a friend!

Stranded in my daily life
Struggling to hold the Sunlight
Stripes of scars suffocating my thoughts
Stripped of my dreams
Stressed by the routine
Strode hurriedly for a break
Stranger that he was
Stared disgustingly
Struck in the middle, I glared back
Stranger's words reflection of mine
Stranger became a friend!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Rain… always a friend!!!

Rain… always a friend
Who follows us everywhere…
Brings happiness even to the onlooker
Such a divine blessing it is!
Rescues us from the merciless heat
And the foul sweat
How sweet rain is!
Makes the nature look more verdant
More pleasant and cool
Leaving our heart feeling fulfilled
Enthralled! Enticed!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Am I doing the right thing?

I am not an experienced enough or knowledgeable enough person to differentiate between what is good and bad. I behave the way I find right in a given moment. I just ask one question, “Will I regret today’s action in the future?” The future may be anything as near as the very next second or light years farther.

Yes! I always care for the one word called “guilt”. A guilty mind is the most cursed mind. Once we start regretting, we tend to turn cursed automatically. A flurry of questions would suffocate you from within.
“I should not have done that”
“I feel so bad for doing that”
“How bad I am as a person”
And many such other repercussions!

Hence, it is always better to ask yourself…
“Am I doing the right thing?”
“Will I feel bad about the action in the future?”
“Will I be held guilty for this?”
“Will the World blame me?”
“Will my action spoil someone else’s life?”

If answer to all of the above questions is “NO”, undoubtedly and confidently go ahead and do it. The World will stand by you. It will support you and conspire together to ensure that you reach your dreams.

All the best!!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Kumbabishekam at Govindarajapuram!!!

The stretch of road seemed like one long abode
The otherwise gloomy lane was filled with people
Many faces were familiar and some were strange
Some were there after decades and some were there for the first time
An array of lights extended the needed radiance
Little girls were dressed in pattu paavadai
Married women were draped in traditional onbadhugajam podavai
Giggling girls and gossiping middle-aged
Scurrying boys ensuring that things are in place
In between a few stolen glances
Some falling in love and some pleading Him for getting back the lost love
Some girls were flinching, some were reciprocating
Jingling bells and mesmerizing hymns
Some feeling nostalgic and some relishing the moment with delight
Feeling of unison and moment for togetherness
Smiling faces and pride filled eyes
Indispensable hunger to record everything in the mental camera
So much going on and so much to observe
Ah… That was a month before
Yet… I could recall all nuances in detail
As if it happened just now; as if it is happening now
Such magical days they were
Surrounded by Vedic chants and divinity
The best five days; the best spent days

Here are the glimpses of those divine moments…

Venue             : Govindarajapuram, Palakkad
Deity              : Sri Varadaraja Perumal
Festive          : Ashtabandhana Kumbabishekam
Date               : 19th May, 2012 to 23rd May, 2012
Website         :

The bejewelled lane of Govindarajapuram Palakkad

Day 1 - Dhanyaadhivaasam (19th May, 2012)

Day 2 – Panchagavyaadhivaasam (20th May, 2012)

Day 3 – Ksheeraadhivaasam (21st May, 2012)

Day 4 Morning – Jalaadhivaasam (22nd May, 2012)

Day 4 Evening – Shayanaashivaasam (22nd May, 2012)

The D-Day – Maha Kumbabhishekam (23rd May, 2012)

Kaazhcha sheeveli


How can I miss this out??

New Ulsava Moorthy

Thank you

She was patient
Patient enough to carry my priceless pocession – My camera
She captured moments
She gave those pictures life
She made this post possible
Thank you ammaji
This post would not be possible without you!!!!

So many eager eyes
Longing to get the first glimpse of Him
So that they can boast to the generations to follow
As if getting out of a chariot, He stepped out
His face was magical, smiling with innocence
We assumed that He should be happy seeing His new residents
Eyes became wet out of unexplainable delight
Ouch! But, his eyes were tied
As if carrying a new born baby
They cautiously and lovingly took him to his new abode
We all followed Him and so did divine chants

Friday, 22 June 2012

With you!!!

I am not asking for Palace
I just need a space in your heart
To share my love with you!

I am not asking for precious gems and jewels
I just need your precious time
To spend my life with you!

I am not asking for perfectionist
I just need you forever and ever
To lead a perfect life with you!

Thursday, 21 June 2012


The World was calm and quite
All the living creatures seemed tiered
They were under the warmth of their shelter
Surrounded by their loved ones with tender
A hearty meal chewed with loads of chatter
And a few stolen moments with the lover

Busy teenagers chatting with friends
Mothers completing their daily chores
Fathers catching up with the World news
Wailing babies and snoring oldies
However, there I was
 Waiting and waiting

I was staring through the window sill
Silent drizzles evoking the earthy smell
Endless lights looking like a Princess’s jewel
Dazzling moon accompanied by diamond stars
Shrilling honks and swaying winds
Such a busy World it was out there

But, I was still waiting
With endless unanswered dreams
And an everlasting craving
My eyes were meandering
In search of the person claimed as mate by soul
It searched through the crowd in the earthy World

The wait seemed to be eternal
Heart was not ready to give up; I was not ready to give up
So, I am just waiting and waiting
Waiting for my other half who would sway me off my feet
Who would share my cries of happiness and grief
So there I was… Waiting!!!

As a part of prompt given by One Single Impression

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cloudy and dark!

Sitting in the courtyard
Heart filled with vacuum
Eyes searching for lost twinkle
Mind struggling not to lose momentum
I sighed because the World seemed confused as well
Cloudy and dark!
The world seemed as lazy as I was
Reluctant to downpour and drench
And…Sun was hiding and snoring
As cool breeze passed through me
An unknown energy flurried within
Eventually, as the beads of water hit the earth
And multiplied enough into rain
I found a smile of satisfaction creep on my face
I realized that the World has come out of laziness
Amn’t I supposed to do the same now, I wondered
With more energy and enthusiasm I started
Accompanied by a long lost friend called rain
Aww… monsoon is here
I am loving it!!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


They taught us
And… we gained knowledge
But wisdom?

It was experience
That paved way to wisdom
Not education!
As a part of Haiku Challenge