Monday, 28 May 2012

Beyond seasons…

Summer may not be the best of seasons. Sweat… Merciless sun… heat… Ouch!! The climate would be too nerving. Yet, summer is the only time to have loads of fun. Summer vacations are the best time ever. It is the longest of vacations and it gives ample opportunity to step out of home and have tons of fun!

Though the summer has almost reached its end, I feel elated to write how I would enjoy a hot sunny day with Kyra. Thanks to Lakme and Indiblogger for giving such an opportunity…

Beyond seasons…

My eyes are glistening…  After all, they were witnessing the first snow… Amidst of mighty hills and people covered with woolen clothes, I am staring in disbelief. I have never felt so cold in my life, though I was able to feel the sweat even on my palms. … I am wondering how nature can be so contradicting. Yet, I was enjoying.

“Get up you lazy bum”, yells a sweet voice. I wonder from where Kyra has appeared.

Oops!! That was a dream, I realize. As I wake up to the reality, tiny beads of sweat breaks and I find golden sun blazing mercilessly. I understand that I am at the hottest Chennai and not at the coolest Srinagar.

“Oye! You better wake up. We are supposed to go for shopping today”, shrieks Kyra.

Kyra is my class-mate cum room-mate. We have been sharing room for the past four years and that day was the last day together. The day to part has come. We wanted to have fun to the maximum and enjoy to the fullest. We didn’t even want the fierce Sun to come in between.

Thus, we got ready. I wore a light blue denims and simple white embroidered shirt. Kyra was already beaming in a kakhee capris and a white tee-shirt. I smiled at myself thinking how different we are as persons, yet how proximate we feel with each other. She is my best pal. I can’t think of another who can be as sharp contrast to me as she is or as understanding as her.

“The last day”, we both sheepishly smiled at each other.

Being the girls that we are, we started our last day out by catching the crowded 12B bus to Pondy Bazaar. The bus was way too crowded to handle. We had our second bath for the day – bathed with sweat!

Almost all the shops had something impressive. We enjoyed the privilege of being the first customer for the day. So, we were given hearty cash discounts. Thus, our bargaining skills were awarded suitably. We bought a few tees and sandals. Then, a vanity bag! Indeed, loads of bangles and ear rings!

We felt ecstatic at the manner at which our shopping progressed. The shop-keepers were amazed at our energy level. Their look conveyed their thoughts which obviously said what these girls are doing under the hottest Sun! Little they knew; it was our last day out.

We had our sun glasses on. Yet, the Sun was too piercing. It drank all our energy. But, we rejuvenated ourselves with frequent refreshments. It varied from soft drinks to ice creams to tender coconut. After some time, our foot started to remind us of its existence. So, we sat under the shade of the trees planted on the either sides of the road.

As shopping progressed, our baggage swelled. The hole on the pocket widened and our energy level started to go down. Eventually, our determination and ardent urge to shop superseded the hot Sun. The Sun started to grow less gruesome.

 Myself and Kyra caught another bus to Santhom beach. Well, the World loves Marina beach. But, due to reasons unknown, we love Santhom beach. May be because it is less crowded! May be because it is more welcoming than menacing!

We, then, sat cross legged on the sand. It was damp, yet a warm. The waves of the majestic sea made us think rather philosophically. We discussed how life is like the waves of ocean filled with innumerous ups and downs. We could not believe that four years had fluttered so fast.

We discussed about our first acquaintance at the college cafeteria. It was a sunny afternoon and we both were sweating profusely. Our first topic of discussion was about how hot Chennai is! There started our friendship. Like love at first sight, ours was friendship at first sight. We laughed at how we used to feel insecure about gaining sun tan. We used to wander in search of sun screen lotions. We were too scared to step out of the shade of room for some days. Then, by shredding all those inhibitions, we started to go out. We explored all the places and drank its beauty completely.

Slowly, the sun started to set. It looked like a huge orange ball. We removed our sunglasses and watched it through our naked eyes. It looked divine. Eventually, darkness started to engulf us. We walked towards the bus stop to catch bus to our hostel room.

We were too happy. After all, a day well spent. We had a pint of smile on our faces. The Sun was tough on us all through the day. Yet, towards the end, it softened and made us feel its warmth.

Isn’t life so similar to the experience we had that day? Life may make you cry, grieve, annoy or irritate. But, at the end of the day, our heart will remember only the best moments. The moments when we laughed, felt happy and lively.

That night we started to pack. We didn’t sleep the whole night. We discussed the unforgettable four years. We shared many secrets and gossiped endlessly. Slowly, the Earth started to feel the heat. Kyra announced, “Our last dawn at Chennai” This time we didn’t sigh. Instead, we cried.

“Kyra , not only the Sun or Chennai for that matter is hot, but also the tears!” I surmised. Kyra joined, “yes, really hot beads of tears. Gonna miss the hottest sunny days”

We hugged each other, unmindful of the developing sweat.
Come on… Love surpasses beyond all the seasons!!!

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