Friday, 30 November 2012

Bangalore, Meri Jaan!!!

The last few days has been very hectic... Classes... Work... Shopping... Roaming and late night dinners... I wanted to write something... But alas! I could not find time... I disappointed myself beyond words.

Locomente has never been silent for a long time. It always came up with something or the other. But, last few days has been different and very difficult too...

Anyways... I enjoyed Bangalore a lot... Its chill breeze... Busy road... Rattling people... Honking vehicles... Bangalore will always remain as my favorite...

This time the trip had a few surprises for me... The taxi played old Kannada songs... I amazed myself by remembering the lyrics... I felt very nostalgic...

And Kannada... Always my favorite... I read the hoardings and banners written in Kannada... Something can never be forgotten... Its 17 long years since I left that place and yet I still remember the language... More importantly I remember the life I led there...

Oh... Bangalore... It will always remain as my favorite... My dream... My heaven... Yet for some strange reasons I fear settling down there... May be I don’t relate to the place and people there anymore... May be the place seems more plastic now... May be I have fallen in love with my little town... May be I have got too used with the familiar people and even more familiar roads and alleys to leave it... May be because I became what I am today from that place... May be... I really don’t know!

Whatever be the case... As I interrogate myself further and ponder more... I realize that both Bangalore and Palakkad would hold special place in my life... They are like my two precious eyes... And I love them both... Though for different reasons!

A few days well spent! 


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  2. I had gone to Bangalore once ... the best thing I liked about the place was a large number of parks in every locality :-)

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