Friday, 12 April 2013


Viewers were happy
Seeing colorful fishes
Are fishes happy?

Oh! They are away
From their natural abode
Because they are jailed

PS: In any case, I know that I am happy. After all, this is my 125th Haiku. All the thanks go to Haiku Heights. It has been my source of motivation!


  1. You said I know why I always had a feeling of discomfort whenever I saw a fish pond...Thanks a lot.. lovely haiku...


  2. My opinion is that the fish are happy in water especially the smaller variety wherever they may be!! The koi pond can be a blissful life for them!!

  3. Indeed. I myself wonder about that very much. About all animals that we domesticate. Having been a friend of three fish that were eaten by a wild cat from the bowl, I have always questioned myself. A brilliant haiku. Loved it.
    - - -
    If you'd like to read mine, here it is:

  4. A fish out of water will not survive. Well writen

  5. can anyone be happy when constrained