Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Captain

He was nervous. It was not the first time he was holding the cameras in his hands. He knew his job and he had strived hard to reach where he has.

Yet that morning was different.  After a fifteen years long struggle, he has got his break. He was directing his movie.

As the celebrated actors looked blank hoping to get a narrative from him, he smiled. The entire crew was awaiting his move.

He uttered a small prayer and proceeded towards the actors.

I am the captain, he thought. My confidence or lack of it will affect everyone, he realized.


  1. Dear Satya,

    Some tense confusion in your narrative but the story shines through. I admire you for forging ahead with it There is no way I could do as well as you were our situations reversed. Good job.



  2. Dear Satya,

    An interesting perspective from a new director's point of view. I echo Doug, I admire anyone to can speak two or more languages.



    1. Dear Rochelle,

      Thanks for the wonderful prompt and lovely feedback.
      It is always a pleasure to sail through the boundaries and cut through the impossibles...
      Life is a lengthy experiment...
      And I am exploring!

      Thanks :)

  3. I'm sure a lot of leaders have this moment at the very beginning, when everyone is looking to them for direction and they realize just how much is resting on their shoulders. You expressed it wonderfully.

  4. A realistic situation that you have captured well

  5. I like how you conveyed the director's feelings, that long wait of struggling and finally getting to direct his movie. I have a feeling that the movie's in good hands.

    1. I hope so too...
      Thanks a lot for comments! :)