Monday, 11 May 2015

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 21

Heart  : You have changed a lot.
Mind    : So have you!
Heart  : No, you have changed more than I have. These days, all you can think of is work, food and sleep!
Mind    : You also work… Feel hungry and tired!
Heart  : But, I still find time for you. Try to be with you and share.
Mind    : Amn’t I being with you now?  When have I dumped you? When you yelled at me last day and cried last week, didn’t I patiently consoled you?
Heart  : Aw! So generous of you. I appreciate the work done. Thanks!
Mind    : What that &%$#^*@$? All you can do is yell or cry? Or crib and blame!
Heart  : So, this is what you think about me! Just get lost! Let the truth live – I HAVE NO ONE!
Mind    : Okay! (Sounding very calm)
Heart  : Okay! (Angry, irritated, frustrated, teary and emotional all at the same time!!!)


  1. So true ! and these are the conversations that give birth to Mood Swings!

  2. Happens with all of us, some how heart and mind never learnt to stay at peace together

  3. Yelling and crying is also a way to show love/concern, but in a different way!

    Destination Infinity